A/Prof. Andrew Brooks – dealing with 1

A contribution put together with one of our readers.

“At the time I first saw Dr Brooks, for help with my urgency problem, I was having to get up 2 or 3 times a night to go to the toilet, as I was to learn afterwards, there were two different explanations for my problems, with two very different ways of providing treatment.

The first was that my bladder had become more muscular and therefore smaller from years of it having to push my urine past partial blockages in my urinary tract, down perhaps to about 200 mls in capacity, so that when there were 200 mls of urine in it, it was full and I had to urinate.

The second was that my bladder was of a more normal size, perhaps about 330 mls in capacity, but, as was common in seniors, it had become weak, so that it didn’t properly empty during urination, and so it was sooner before I had to urinate again.

So 200 mls or 330 mls? Which was it? Which it was would determine which treatment was  appropriate.

Brooks had his nurse carry out the tests to establish which it was, (for more money than it would have cost to have them carried out by a fully qualified Urologist,) AND, despite the fact I’ve asked him many times for copies of these results, despite the fact that I’m entitled to these copies by law, and despite the fact that I’ve sought the assistance of the NSW Privacy Commissioner, (who just didn’t do her job,) Brooks has steadfastly refused to make them available.

Readers, doesn’t this make it seem likely that my bladder’s capacity was about 330 mls, more likely than the 200 mls, which Brooks needed it to be, to justify the treatment he recommended and carried out, called a TURP, which didn’t help with with my frequency problems in any way, and which damaged me for life, I’ll have it until the day I die, it can’t be reversed, and it doesn’t just happen, it’s an inevitable consequence of TURPs.

On Sat. 19 Feb. 22, for the ninth time, I had a phone call from one of Brooks’ henchmen, making all sorts of threats, you could be sued for defamation, you could go to gaol, doctors might start refusing to treat you, etc.etc. if you don’t take down the stuff you have up on the internet about Dr Brooks. My response has always been the same – I’d be more than happy to put up anything might send me as his side of the story, particularly the results on the tests that were carried out, on the size of my bladder when I first saw him. Which, of course, never happens.”

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Ratings on the RateMDs.com website


Sometimes things occur that make you think we live in a really rotten world!

This is a rating that was put up on the RateMDs.com website in the last month.

It’s obviously designed to make people think that a TURP is appropriate treatment for people who experiencing the frequency problem – perhaps put up by Brooks himself!!!??? It could hardly have been put up by a genuine patient, when no mention is made of the fact that TURPs damage patients for life, ALWAYS, it can’t be reversed, and, at least according to Brooks himself, as he put in writing, it doesn’t help at all at least 20% of the time, and, in the case of one of our readers, didn’t help at all.

What is going on?

We intend looking into this, as time allows. But, as we keep saying, if readers haven’t got the message about Brooks by now, we’re not sure what more we can do or say.

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A/Prof. Andrew J Brooks, Urologist – dealing with 4

This new rating appeared on the RateMDs.com website, just 3 days ago.

Of course, it’s amongst other ratings that make out that Brooks is some sort of god. But surely it’s a rating which would make it seem highly advisable to get other opinions before going ahead with Brooks.

Our reader reports that when, after he’d first seen Brooks, he made the comment to his referring GP, Dr Chris Grant, that, “I think he’s just trying to build up a nest egg for his retirement,” Grant’s response was to laugh and say, “I would have thought that Dr Brooks would have lots of nest eggs already!”


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A/Prof. Andrew J Brooks, Urologist – dealing with 3

Our reader reports that he received another phone call, on Fri. 3 Sep. 21, the 8th!!!, from one of Brooks’ henchmen, making all sorts of threats – you could be sued for defamation, you could go to gaol, blah blah blah, blah blah blah – for his reporting of the FACTS of how he’d got on in dealing with Brooks; while, at the same time, indicating that Brooks was never going to provide his side of the story, because “he didn’t like putting things in writing!!!”

And a new claim is being mentioned in these phone calls and in ratings on the RateMDs.com website, just to add more drama to things – our reader would have been dead by now if Brooks hadn’t come to the rescue!!! which would appear to be pure fantasy?

It would seem obvious that anyone who, having dealt with Brooks, has dared to complain about any aspect of how this had gone, would have to expect to receive similar phone calls – perhaps 8 or more of them?


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A/Prof. Andrew J Brooks, Urologist – dealing with 2

Over the years, since 2014, we’ve authored SO many posts on our blogs and websites on one of our reader’s experiences, back then, with dealing with A/Prof Andrew Brooks, Urologist, and put them up on the internet.

Briefly, after, as a senior, he was referred to Brooks for help with what is commonly called the “frequency problem” – he was having to get up 2 or 3 times a night to urinate – Brooks recommended and carried out surgery, called a TURP, (for which he got $3,200 for less than an hour’s work,) which (a) didn’t help in any way, our reader still had/has the frequency problem exactly the same, as Brooks himself has admitted in writing 2 or 3 times, and (b) damaged him for life, it was/is inevitable, it always happens, in that his semen is no longer ejected through his penis during sexual intercourse, with the considerable pleasure this provides, (perhaps, females would never understand this?) his semen just goes up into his bladder, without any feeling, which is how it will be until the day he dies, it can’t be reversed.

Naturally, of course, when a complaint, based on these facts, was presented to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, the Commission, under Commissioner Sue Dawson – who has recently been appointed for a second 5 year term!!! – determined that our reader had nothing to complain about, dismissing his complaint with these words, and we quote, “WE HAVE NOT IDENTIFIED A DEFICIENCY IN THE CLINICAL CARE AND TREATMENT PROVIDED TO YOU BY DR BROOKS.”

And naturally, of course, following this, Brooks was quick to have someone put up on the RateMDs.com website – perhaps Brooks did it himself – the following:-

Well, the latest is that, today, (on Mon. 9 Aug. 2021,) our reader informed us that he’d just received a call from one of Brooks’ henchmen, this time a female, the seventh time he’s received such a phone call, demanding that he have our posts taken down, because they are affecting his practice. What followed was a 10 minute conversation, telling him he owed Brooks an apology, and involving all sorts of threats – you could be sued for defamation, you could go to gaol, and so on and so on, during which our reader says he just kept saying, what he says he’s previously said, almost literally, a hundred times, “If Dr Brooks would like to send us “his side of the story,” I’d be more than happy to put that up on the internet as well.” To which the response was, “Oh, DrBrooks doesn’t like putting things in writing.”

Too right, he doesn’t like putting things in writing! Apparently, back, when our reader first started dealing with him, he had an ordinary email address on his website – now, all he has is a fax number!!! We’ve used his email address on the Sydney University’s website – andrew.brooks@sydney.edu.au – to send him numerous emails, which weren’t even acknowledged. We’ve even sent him a number of “snail mails” by Australia Post, also not even acknowledged. Our reader says that, once when we complained to the NSW Privacy Commissioner that Brooks hadn’t responded to 3 emails we’d sent him requesting copies of health records to which we were entitled to by law, his excuse was that the email address on his website was set up so that it “weeded out” emails from patients so he didn’t receive them!!! – this when, (a) our technology advisors tell us that it’s not possible for email addresses to be set up in this way, and (b) when the same email address was used to request details as to how best to send him his $3,200 fee, it was acknowledged and responded to with alacrity! And, in the end, even with the help of the Privacy Commissioner, Brooks still didn’t provide the copies of the  health records to which our readers was/is entitled by law.

We believe that if there’s one golden rule in dealing with doctors, (perhaps in dealing with most people,) it’s this – if they won’t put things in writing in some way, (of course, ordinary emails are the quickest and most convenient way for all concerned,) don’t consider using them for a nanosecond.

As we’ve said many times, if someone bashed up a male, a consequence of which happened to be that his sex life was largely ruined for the rest of his life, you’d think that that someone would end up being sent to gaol, perhaps for a very long time. With Brooks’s TURP, it didn’t just happen, it happens ALWAYS!!! Brooks knowingly and deliberately subject his patient to treatment that would largely ruin his sex life for the rest of his life. Yet Brooks is still holding himself out as someone good to deal with!!! and having henchmen, 7 of them so far, telling anyone who says/reports bad things about him should be the ones going to gaol.

Readers, we’re not sure there’s much more we can do and/or say. To us, the fact that Brooks must be still getting patients is totally inexplicable!!! They must be as naive as our reader was when he consulted him back in 2014.

And, of course, the worst thing about any of this is that there is not the slightest indication that anyone in the whole Berejiklian Government cares a damn, about which more later.

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An email sent to Premier Berejiklian on 15/2/21

The email shown below was sent to Premier Berejiklian on 15/2/21, with a similar email being sent to Health Care Complaints Commissioner, Sue Dawson, on the same day.

Because Dr Brooks always denies receiving any emails or faxes we send him, he has been advised of the existence of this website by Australia Post, and that he will be deemed to have received anything put up on it.

If we ever received any comments on anything put up on it, we’ll let our readers know.


I was referred to Dr Andrew J Brooks for help with the frequency problem I was experiencing – I was having to get up 2 0o 3 times a night to urinate.

Dr Brooks’ diagnosis was that it was because my bladder had become small, (with a capacity of only 200 mls) and muscular over the years, on the basis of which he recommended certain treatment – treatment for which, incidentally, he charged $3,200 for less than an hours work!

I had his treatment, which ended up costing me more than $6,000, for his fee and hospital  charges, and wasn’t helped in any way! – I still had the frequency problem exactly the same. AND I was damaged for life in a highly personal way – it can’t be reversed.

Dr Brooks had reported to my GP, “I have explained the risks and complications,” including that his treatment didn’t work in one case out of five and that it would ALWAYS damage me for life, which, of course, was one of his many lies – he hadn’t at all.

As I’ve learnt since, it was much more likely that, far from being small and muscular, my bladder was relatively normal in size and weak – in which case, nothing could be done. Made more likely by the fact that Brooks has failed to provide the results of any tests which might confirm his diagnosis; despite the fact that I’ve made many requests to get a copy of these tests; despite the fact that I am entitled to them by law, and despite the fact that I even sought help from the NSW Privacy Commissioner to get them and even she gave up in the end.

It had obviously been all about Brooks getting his hands on $3,200 for less than an hours work. That Brooks should believe he’d get away with this tells you all you’d ever want to know about how it is in New South Wales, and in particular, the effectiveness or otherwise of the Health Care Complaints Commission, and the effectiveness or otherwise of our politicians, in particular, Premier Berejiklian.

That, from past experiences with the Health Care Complaints Commission and Premier Berejiklian, Brooks probably WILL get away with this, that he will almost certainly have the last laugh, tells you even more.

If you, premier Berejiklian, ever gave the slightest indication that you cared about any of this, it could make SUCH a difference.

I realise I’m probably risking my life kicking up a fuss about this – Brooks has to be regarded as a highly dangerous person if he’s prepared to damage patients for life, it doesn’t just happen, it always happens, with the treatments he recommends and carries out, just to get his hands on another $3,200 for less than an hours work.

The irony is that if I’d been bashed up by a street thug and, as a consequence, had suffered the lifelong damage that resulted from my treatment by Brooks, that that street thug, if caught up with, would almost certainly have been sent to gaol, perhaps for a very long time.

A 21 Feb. 21 update: Not even an acknowledgement from either Premier Berejiklian or Commissioner Dawson – let alone a reply. Not that we were expecting either form either of them.


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A letter addressed to A/Prof. Andrew Brooks, Urologist, dated 8 Feb. 2021

A/Prof. Andrew J Brooks

Dear Sir

This letter was, this morning, sent by email to a Urologist I hold in the highest regard.

I’ll let you, and my readers, know, if I hear from him.

Even if a way has been developed to reverse the consequences of your treatment, which I profoundly doubt, I’ve still had my sex life profoundly diminished for 6 years.

I’m probably endangering my life by having this website created – anyone who would deliberately damage me the way you did, just so you could get your greedy hands on $3,200 for less than an hours work, is has to be regarded as extremely dangerous. But I’m 85, I perhaps haven’t got long to live, and something has to be done to try and stop you doing to others what you did to me, which you’re no doubt doing over and over again, and it’s highly unlikely that the Health Care Complaints Commission or the Urological Society  of Australia and New Zealand Society will do anything.

Yours faithfully


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A letter addressed to A/Prof. Andrew Brooks, Urologist, dated 7 Feb. 2021

A/Prof Andrew J Brooks

Dear Sir

On 19 Aug, 2019, I received an email from a Jack Wilson, in which he claimed to be your business manager, and requesting/demanding that our material on you on the internet be taken down , threatening defamation proceedings and saying that I owed you an apology for the things said in it!!!???

He was actually the 4th one of your henchmen to contact me saying similar things, and I received a phone call from a 5th a few days ago.

In Jack’s email was this paragraph.

I was astonished that he should claim this, as it seemed incredibly unlikely, and it  lead to me responding with this, of which I emailed you a copy.

No response to this. So I asked a second time, again emailing you a copy.

And then, on 3 Sep. this was sent to him, again with a copy emailed to you.

Again, I heard nothing from either of you.

I will send him a copy of this letter, but don’t expect to hear from him, perhaps because he’s given up being your business manager?

So just more Brooks fairly tales?

Yours faithfully

7 Feb 2021

Readers, this website has been set up to assist those dealing with Dr Brooks, and those thinking of dealing with him.

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If you are referred to Dr Brooks for help with a problem and you are subject to an operation under a full anaesthetic, which always has it’s risks, you spend two uncomfortable days in hospital with tubes running in and out of you everywhere, you are out-of-pocket for more than $6,000 even after Medicare rebates, for hospital charges and his $3,200 fee for less than an hours work, you are not helped with your problem in any way, it remains exactly the same as it was before you saw him, and you are damaged for life in a way that doesn’t just happen sometimes with the treatment he gives you, it always happens, and can’t be reversed, and you complain???? – apparently he tells the whole world that you have “mental problems” and are “mentally ill” – see our 4 Feb. 2021 post.

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A complaint about A/Prof Andrew Brooks Urologist sent to the HCCC on 27/1/2021



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