A/Prof. Andrew J Brooks, Urologist – dealing with 1

If you go to our post dated 27 January, 2021, you can view a “snail mail” letter which was sent to Dr Brooks through Australia Post on 27 January, 2021. Normally, such letters would be sent by email, but Dr Brooks doesn’t have an email address on his website – just a fax number. He used to have an email address – admin@andrewbrooks.com.au – on his website, but it no longer appears there. He still has an email address on the Sydney University’s website – andrew.brooks@sydney.edu.au. And both of these email addresses were also used to send him this letter. But, as in our experience, Dr Brooks almost always denies that he received emails, this letter was also sent through Australia Post.

(To be fair, he did acknowledge one of our emails once, quickly and efficiently – an email requesting details on how best to forward his $3,200 fee for less than an hours work.)

It’s to provide assistance to those already dealing with Dr Brooks and those considering dealing with him and to make it as easy as possible for him to answer any questions they may have in dealing with him that this that this website has been created.

We’ll let our readers know if and when we hear from him in any way.


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